HA Civils attended a Cornerstones Foundation luncheon in November to help launch their scheme World of Work which matches children to businesses who volunteer work opportunities. 

The Cornerstone Foundation is a new charity which aims to help the 1,000-plus young people in the city who are in care. The foundation endeavours to support these young people from primary school age through to adulthood, when individuals are leaving care.

One area of the programme will be to combine local businesses and youth service providers to deliver employment, mentoring and training for young people. Cornerstones intends to have plenty of activities, experiences and opportunities to nurture skills development, reward achievement and support care-leavers into training and work. 

They will achieve this by referring children to local companies for workplace visits, work experience, training and mentoring. The launch was attended by various business people including the foundation trustees , and also had a celebrity appearance and the support of the charity from singer Rebecca Ferguson.

“We’re delighted to be backing this new approach because we think the city’s businesses and employers can make a massive difference to the prospects of young people in care. These are some of the most vulnerable people in society but they have the same potential as every one of us and deserve the same opportunities as the rest of us.”  

– Joe Anderson, Mayor of Liverpool

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