Lincoln Littler is a 12 year old athlete who has a talent for Taekwondo and has taken a step up to the cadet division. In 2017 he was a national champion and in 2018 a silver medallist.

He was recently selected for the wider cadet Great Britain squad in January and was awarded gold in his first competition as a cadet.

Lincoln will be travelling abroad with the hope of gaining medals at a G1 competition with aspirations of being selected for world championships in Uzbekistan in August.

A G1 Competition is one in which the athletes earn ranking points, to aid with selection for the World, European, Commonwealth and Olympic tournaments. The competition abroad is fierce, as only the best Taekwondo athletes attend these competitions.

We want to support and encourage Lincoln in his ambition, so have sponsored him on his quest for the gold medal. At HA Civils we will provide the best kit and equipment for Lincoln to ensure that he reaches his goal.

As you can see it’s clear he has a promising future ahead of him and we wish him all the best with his career in martial arts.

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