Located in the Huyton Shopping Village, this car park is an inviting and much used necessity for Asda customers.

A colourful new car park for Asda in Huyton

This project for Asda took just 5 weeks to build and resulted in a striking modern car park.

Works included:

  • Repairs to deck
  • Banding and detail work
  • Line marking the car park
  • Installing speedbumps
  • Block paving

The project was quite a difficult one as the weather was rainy and cloudy. We waterproofed the upper deck of the car park, and ensured there were enough parking spaces that allowed customers to comfortably park and get out of. We worked with other contractors to provide essential items for the location such as trolley shelters and parent and child signs. Thermoplastic lining was used for different parking bay layouts such as disabled bays, parent and child spaces plus standard car bays. Working with an external sign making company created signage was placed in the car park. This included both pedestrian and road signs.

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