HA Safety is the Safety Department for Huyton Asphalt Civils. We understand the importance of the welfare of our team and working in a safe environment. We ensure that everyone who visits our sites are CSCS compliant and we ingrain a safety culture (HA Safety) into our ethos.

We have a company policy that all operatives and site workers are accredited to the CSCS scheme (or equivalent). Visitors and Trainees also need to show their CSCS card when going on site.

We provide health and safety courses for our staff, for example:

Stop for Safety

This course provides an understanding of behavioural safety for all staff. Amongst other elements, it focuses on identifying hazardous scenarios and what can be done to avoid these situations. Many areas are covered such as Health & Safety legislation, Fire Training and COSHH.

By enacting the below principles we can ensure HA Safety is effective and helps us to avoid harm and dangerous activity.

Ways to implement safety and avoid accidents at work:

Written Guide – Safe Systems of Work, (Risk Assessments, Method Statements, Permits etc)

Supervision – Supervisors present to manage and control sites

Example – Lead by example. You might take a short cut that is low risk to an experienced person, but an inexperienced person might see it and try it without realising the risk. You can communicate without even knowing.

Approach to safety on site:

Planning Phase – Identify all hazards and assess all risks

Preparation – Brief the team and supply training

Execution – Enforce the rules, and set an example

Health and well-being

Our company is also concerned about the health and well-being of our team. We have a focus on our staff as individuals and we are understanding of the importance of their mental health. We have Occupational Health Check ups and provide support through sessions with our health advisors.

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