The A580 East Lancashire Road (Liverpool), forms part of one of Liverpool City’s major transport networks, connecting Liverpool to other major areas and cities, such as St. Helens, Salford and Manchester.

Drainage works for the UK’s first purpose-built intercity highway

In July of 2016, Huyton Asphalt Civils Limited broke ground on the installation works, for a brand new main carrier drain along the A580 East Lancashire Road.

There were several different restrictions with the site, which meant that we had to find a way to work around the limitations imposed on us by Amey PLC, on behalf of Liverpool City Council, such as our inability to close more than one of the three lanes on either side of the carriageway, or that we were not permitted to excavate in the carriageway.

Excavations were carried out down the length of the central reservation, where the new main carrier could then be installed in pieces and then connected.

HA Civils employed the services of a subcontractor, who provided directional drilling, boring a hole through the underneath of the carriageway, from its place on the footway, allowing us the slot in the smaller drainpipes, which in turn linked the newly installed gully pots, to the new main carrier drain.

Once the drain had been installed, surfacing works were then carried out to both sides of the A580, which included; planing off; resurfacing; white and yellow lining; placement of new kerbs; concrete works; and traffic management