The junction located between Islington and Hunter Street forms a major part of the connected Liverpool transport network, with links to major roads, such as the A59, A580, A5049, A5052, A5053, Liverpool Waterfront and the Kingsway Tunnel.

Signalised junction works in Liverpool

The Islington Junction, located at the intersection with St. Anne Street is one of the busiest junctions, located within the boundaries of the city of Liverpool.

Traffic Signal Installation Works made up a large portion of the contracted works. HA Civils worked in concert with Siemens PLC, who are the city contractors, to deliver the works in a timely manner, while also remaining on-budget.

Surfacing Works took place entirely during the night, owing to the need to keep the Islington Junction open and accessible to the thousands of car users relying on the path.

The use of only night-time Surfacing Works was the only major constriction imposed on us by Liverpool City Council, which required an airtight programme and a solid communication line with our surfacing contractor.

We also included works such as:

  • excavation and disposal
  • planing off
  • white and yellow lining
  • placement of new kerbs
  • concrete works
  • traffic signal installation
  • traffic management